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History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

In February 1959 Willie D. Lemon began a lifelong career in the funeral service industry doing business as Lemon & Helton Funeral Home, Simpson Street, McDonough, Georgia.  On October 3, 1965, dedication services were held for a new establishment, Lemon’s Funeral Home, 300 Griffin Street, McDonough, Georgia.  Shortly after this time, his wife, Mary, obtained her license and joined the business along with their two sons, Bobby and Sherman.  Through dedication, hard work and support of his family, Willie was able to acquire another building and incorporate the business on August 29, 1976 as W. D. Lemon & Sons Funeral Home, Inc., with locations at 300 Griffin Street, McDonough, Georgia and 2090 Joylake Road, Morrow, Georgia.   Willie had an expansive vision and clearly understood the definition of servant.  In 1994, he extended an opportunity for Dana to end a 7-year career in the corporate sector and join the business.  While Willie continued to led his family and serve his community, his health began to decline.  Surrounded by his family on September 6, 1997 (his 75th birthday), Willie’s heavenly transition occurred. 

With the leadership baton now placed in Mary’s hands, she blossomed from the softer side of the business like a rose with elegance and grace.  Unbeknownst to all except her family, Mary emerged to become an astute, assiduous and assertive business leader.   She not only sustained the funeral home, but she also led her children and grandchildren into it.  In 2003, two additional family members, Sandra and Shannon, were welcomed as funeral directors to the staff.   She also engaged the remaining siblings, Dorothy, Katheryn, and Wanda and the grandchildren to become more actively involved in the business.

Upon Mary’s sudden passing in June 2005, the leadership baton was passed along to Bobby.  Under his leadership, the business continued to thrive and in 2009, celebrated its 50th year of service to the community.   50 Years…a family…a community…a legacy, W.D. Lemon & Sons Funeral Home, now with Dana Lemon in the leadership role, remains committed to providing professional, caring and thoughtful service to the community.  While remaining humble and dedicated servants, the legacy of Willie and Mary Lemon shall live forever.

Our Valued Staff

Dana L. Lemon

Dana L. Lemon, Funeral Director

Shannon D. Lemon

Shannon D. Lemon, Funeral Director

Sandra Lemon Mincy

Sandra Lemon Mincy, Funeral Director

Bobby J. Lemon

Bobby J. Lemon, Funeral Director

Sherman D. Lemon

Sherman D. Lemon, Funeral Director

Dorothy L. Roebuck

Dorothy L. Roebuck, Operations Manager

Wanda D. Lemon

Wanda D. Lemon, Administrative Manager

Katheryn S. Lemon

Katheryn S. Lemon, Administrative Assistant